GSBI: Perjuangan Buruh PT. Megariamas Sentosa

PERSS RELEASE : CENTRAL BOARD of FEDERATION of INDEPENDENT TRADE UNION Supporting Struggle Social and Economic Rights of 447 Megariamas Wor...

Supporting Struggle Social and Economic Rights of 447 Megariamas Workers

Refuse Termination !! Give Wages Rights for 447 Megariamas Workers
Clearance Termination Assistenance Fund of Jamsostek Program for 447 Megariamas Sentosa Workers Who Unilateral By
Menagement of PT. Megariamas Sentosa, Immediately !

Solidarity Regard,
PT. Megariamas Sentosa is a Garment fatory that produce Under wear with International brands such as PIERRE CARDIN and SORELLA (by TRIUMPH) have 20 years reproducedi. A Company that Lived from about 800 Workers Sweat and Energy that have many years have exploited for company profit.

Since established and operated, the management had taken basic right 800 workers. 800 workers doesn’t have their Occupation Safety and Healthy because the company did not provided Standard Equipment and and only gived Rp. 25.000 per month for medicine fund and that for all kind of illness that workers experianced.

No Protection for Reproduction Right for women workers, theres no right for annual leave and time rest for the Sick Feel within factory. Theres are No Clean Water facilities and Clean Drinking Water for workers at work place until workers must buy it for themselves from they own wages. There are No Clean Air at each production section because the Employer did not provided enough air ventilation until the workers must draw the dust and production pollution every day. There are No Clinic for the workers to take rest when the workers feel Sick and the workers forced to rest at production room is heat and stuffy. All of workes must get production target every day, if the workers doesn’t have target the workers will get Warning Letter and their wages will be reduce amount Rp.200.000,- for First Warning and will be more twice for each level warning. There are No Freedom of Association within factory, if Carry out or joined union activities without the management Permission have consequence FIRED.

Between 10 and 20 years the 447 workers have been hold out for their survival. The 447 workers who joined in Shos, Textile and Garment Workers Union (SBGTS) hard to hold out the condition mention above without fighted because if they did the workers will be lose their jobs in other word FIRED without separation payment.

The Human Instinct on their Rights that robed by Employer, make 447 workers Come up and Fight then organized Strike Action on August 4-7, 2008 ago as shape their Fighting against Explotation and Oppression that the employer did. Strike Rights was organized appropriate with Indonesia Law, according to management of PT. Megariamas Sentosa is “Illegal Strike” and the 447 workers Be Absent for 4 (four) days. Then with that excuses the management take Unilater Dismissal to 447 workers without pay the 447 workers’ rights who have working for 10 – 19 years and with their Sweat have give Profit for the Company.

The Unilateral Dismissal doesn’t Broken Struggle Spirit of 447 workers, they more and more have Aware that Struggle and Fighting is Precise Choise today is must the workers taken because after many years they Silent and be bent down on rob their Sweat by the Company, they did not get benefit from the Company’s Profit but the worst condition and conduct as well as not humanity.

The 447 workers keep struggle action to get their Rights appropriate with Indonesia Labour Law. The Climax from their fighting, on November 25, 2008 ago, the management by civilians who payed with helf Police to attacked and broke up by brutally and repressive the Peace Demonstration that organized at Front of the Company Complex Gate. The Police Seized 7 (Seven) workers, 2 of them are Women Workers, 30 workers experience bruised, vomit and fell sick because kicked, stroke by Police, Intellegence Agent and Civilians. In fact 2 womens need to checked to hospital because they feel sick in their Neck and Chest.

The Management feel Win on Brutal and Repressice action was did by Civilians and Police Officer. And Labour Departement officials Silent and did not have power to take action to pressure the Company owner to give 447 workers rights appropriate with Labour Law. Negoisiation efforts was tried but did not give Satisfy Result because the company constant refuse to Paying Wages and Separation payment for 447 workers because the company constant with their opinon that 447 workers have “Be Absent” for 4 days (4-7 August 2008) its meaning Resign byself .

For survival the Union leader of SBGTS as Union that organized 447 workers have visit to PT. Jamsostek (Mapower Social Security) Office to requested Clearance the Jamsostek Termination Assistenance Fund that programmed by Indonesia Government to Helf the Indonesia workers who is Losed the Jobs (Termination) because the company closed or bankrupt impact from Global Financial Crisis. But with excuses administration and bureaucracy, official of PT. Jamsostek wouldn’t clearance the Jamsostek Termination Assistenance Fund because according to Official have not the Final Decision yet from PHI (Industrial Relation Court) on Termination of 447 workers of PT. Megariamas Sentosa. Although the SBGTS Union have explained that since August 2008 until January 2009, the management of PT. Megariamas Sentosa did not payed the 447 workers wages who unilateral dismissed, the Official constant did not Clearance the Jamsostek Termination Assistenance Fund.

Since the Global Financial Crisis impacted to Indonesia on October 2008 ago, the Indonesia Government had programmed Jamsostek Termination Assistenance Fund amount Rp. 350.000 for each workers who lose jobs or termination. But in fact, its not easy for workers to take it.

The Law Status industrial relation between 447 workers and the PT. Megariamas Sentosa not finish yet since August 2008 ago. But the management have recruitment new workers to replace 447 workers who not working anymore since August 2008. The Hundreds new workers working by Contract system and just get wages. With the contract system the company would like to take back the big profit, because after the 447 workers problem resolvement. Majority workers who working at factory are working by contract system.

With Struggle Spirit, again, 447 workers with other hundreds GSBI members from several factory in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang dan Bekasi (Jabotabek) will cameback to organize Mass Action to demand and pressure government is Ministry of Manapower and Transmigration to finishing the Termination case of 447 workers was did by management of PT. Megariamas Sentosa. Request the Ministry to involvement to facilitate 447 workers to be able get the Jamsostek Termination Assistenance Fund as well as pressure the management to pay rights of 447 workers who unilateral dismissal since August 2008 ago.

This action also will organize to Human Rights National Commission (Komnas HAM) Office to request the Komnas HAM involvement to investigate on violation assumption of Social, Economic and Politik Rights of 447 workers by PT. Megariamas Sentosa.

The action will be organize on 12 – 14 January 2009, as :

1. Demand Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration to pressure the management of PT. Megariamas Sentosa to Finish their responsibility toward 447 workers who unilateral dismissal since August 2008 ago immediately as well as pay Wages during 6 months for 447 workers.
2. Demand Ministry of Manpower involvement to pressure PT. Megariamas Sentosa to Reinstatement 447 workers, if not Pay Separation Payment Rights of 447 workers appropriate with Indonesia Labour Law
3. Demand Ministry of Manpower to facilitate as well as issued the recommendation letter to push PT. Jamsostek to Clearance Jamsostek Assistenance Fund for 447 workers immediately.
4. Request Komnas HAM involvement to investigate on violation assumption of Social, Economic and Politik Rights of 447 workers who unilater dismissed because utilized Strike Rights and Freedom of Association that protected by Indonesia Labour Law.

Thus this Perss Release we extend to get Solidarity Support from another social organization whom concern with Labour issues and Concern with condition and life of 447 workers our members which during 6 months they fighting for their human rights.

Please send your support and protest letter to institution below :

Mr. Erman Suparno
Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration. Republic of Indonesia
Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 51 – 52, Kuningan,
Jakarta Selatan. Indonesia 12950
Phone : + 62 21 – 5229285
Fax : + 62 21 – 797 4488

Mr. Chris Chandra
President Director of PT. Megariamas Sentosa
Jl. Jembatan III No. 36 Q
Pluit, Penjaringan, Jakarta 14450
Phone : (+62-21) 660 3309, 660 1370, 661 1740
Fax :(+62-21) 661 1741, 661 1113

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