Warned of the boss who rough, worker of PT. Panarub Industri detained in office of attorney district Tangerang

Jakarta, July 6, 2012 , Sartono Bin Karsopawiro is worker at PT. Panarub Industry . He’s the engineering and has 15 years worked. Sartono b...

Jakarta, July 6, 2012, Sartono Bin Karsopawiro is worker at PT. Panarub Industry . He’s the engineering and has 15 years worked. Sartono bin Karsopawiro also a members of union who active in every union activities.

PT Panarub Industry is a company which sportwear produced, particularly a shoes of Adidas. PT Panarub industry base on M. Toha Street Km.1, Gerendeng, Karawaci, district Tangerang, Banten province, Indonesia.

On February 21, 2012 around 3:00 pm, at presence outsole area production, Mr. Sartono warned of Mrs. Desi Yusipa, Chemical Plant Manager PT. Panarub Industry. At the moment, Mrs. Desi Yusipa rough on one of workers which is considered a mistake. This is the quote what’s Sartono said :

"As a leader, you shouldn’t be like that. A leader must be polite, respectful and could be a role models to others. If some workers made a mistake, you can call it well, with a polite. Maybe someone will kill you if you still doing oustside”.

It was unexpected, what’s Sartono said has brought Sartono arrested instead.

June 26, 2012, Mr. Sartono bin Karsopawiro has been detained by the office of attorney district Tangerang. He accused a criminal act, doing an injustice which called a unpleasant act, article number 335, a subsidiary article 310 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

Based on the detention of Mr. Sartono, the head of advocacy and law department, Federation of Independent Trade Union (GSBI) Ismet Inoni condemn on the part who Mr. Sartono criminalized. GSBI also made a cooperation with the Jakarta Legal Aid (LBH) to provide assistance of law together.

Furthermore, Ismet convey a strong protest to head officer of attorney district Tangerang who blindly and has been subjective detain Mr. Sartono bin Karsopawiro,  only based on arrest warrant No: PRINT-120/, in which consideration point (b) "based on the results of the investigation files obtained sufficient evidence, the defendant allegedly committing a criminal act may be subject to detention, and feared to flee, destroy and remove evidence or repeat the offense. "

 “Take a look at chronology, from the beginning of the process until Mr. Sartono Bin Karsopawiro detained, actually needs to be understood, that this case should be assumed can not separated from the role of PT. Pananrub Industry management who took part in this case”, Ismet affirmed.

 “It’s not without reason, still fresh in our memory last in 2002, PT. Pananrub Industry also criminalize Ngadinah Abu Mawardi, it was a general secretary the association of shoes workers company (PERBUPAS). Today, once again a worker criminalized by one of the leaders of PT. Panarub Industry. This case make a clearly, that PT. Panarub Industry not only became one of the world’s best sportwear company, which used a world class sport players, but also a best companies in the workers criminalization”, Ismet said.

Furthermore, Ismet also urge to all of trade unions and the other democratic organization to joint and  fight against the efforts to criminalize the workers and people Indonesia, as happened to Mr. Sartono bin Karsopawiro.#

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