The Story of Female Worker Who Made Asics for Olympics 2020

Naimatullailiyah, Women Worker of Beesco Indonesia  @GSBIDocs   The Company   Producing Shoes For ASICS Does Not Pay Wages For The Right To ...

Naimatullailiyah, Women Worker of Beesco Indonesia  @GSBIDocs

The Company  Producing Shoes For ASICS Does Not Pay Wages For The Right To Miscarriage Leave To Women Worker


My name, Naimatullailiyah is usually called Eli. I started working at PT Beesco Indonesia since last November 2016, and currently work in the Operator – import office section, where I previously worked in the Assembly section. In mid-2020 I was transferred to the Union Department – a department devoted to labor union leaders who either full-time or did not work in production during their term of period – and in early 2021 I was transferred back to the Import department.

Here I want to share a story that happened to me, a story that describes the violation of labor rights by the company, namely PT. Beesco Indonesia, a shoe company that produces for ASICS, a brand that is currently the main sponsor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

My story begins in March 2021, when i have a miscarriage at 2 months pregnant. This disaster hit me so hard that it made me mentally down because of lost a fetus that will become first baby of me and my husband.  Because of this incident, on March 1, 2021, I went to the HRD Manager of the company with a certificate from a doctor to apply for miscarriage leave.

As regulated in the Manpower Law Number 13 of 2003 at 82 paragraph (2) which reads:  "A female worker/ labourer who has a miscarriage is entitled to a period of rest of 1.5 (one-and-a-half ) months or a period of rest as stated in the medical statement issued by the obstetrician or midwife", and Article 84 states that "Every worker/ labourer who uses her right to take the period of rest as specified under points b, c and d of subsection (2) of Article 79, Article 80 and Article 82 shall receive her wages in full".

In a meeting with the HRD Manager at the time, the HRD Manager said that miscarriage leave could be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law. With this explanation,                   I conclude that I am authorized and entitled to 1.5 months of miscarriage leave according to the provisions of the Manpower Act. Then I'm took my miscarriage leave starting from March 1, 2021 to April 16, 2021

However, on April 10, 2021 and the following month, I have not received any payment for my miscarriage leave that I am entitled to from wages paid by the company via bank transfer - PT. Beesco Indonesia pays workers wages on the 10th of every month via bank transfer.  Even until I finished my miscarriage leave, I still didn't get  paid for my miscarriage leave rights. I assume that the company is not willing to pay for my miscarriage leave rights.

After I back to work, I reported to SBGTS-GSBI, one of the labor unions at PT. Beesco Indonesia, of which I am a member as well as one of its leaders. Furthermore, I together with the Chairperson of the SBGTS-GSBI of PT. Beesco Indonesia, we went to the GM HRD office  to ask about my miscarriage leave rights which have not been paid by the company. Responding to the questions asked by me and the chairperson of the SBGTS-GSBI PT. Beesco Indonesia, GM HRD of PT. Beesco Indonesia said that wages for miscarriage leave can be obtained if there is a doctor's certificate stating that I was given 1.5 months of rest leave. Even when repeatedly asked, the GM HRD actually advised me to 'buy' a doctor's certificate so that the miscarriage leave can be paid.

Until now (July 2021) the company still refuses to pay for my maternity leave entitlement. However, I will still fight for my rights, because the law guarantees and has regulated that every female worker who has a miscarriage has the right to get 1.5 months of rest leave and during her leave the wages must be paid. This struggle is not only for myself, but also for other female workers who are currently working at PT. Indonesian Beesco. So that no more female workers experience violations of their reproductive rights which have been regulated and protected by law.

The violation of reproductive rights against the right to miscarriage leave that I experienced was actually not the only violation committed by the company. At PT. Beesco Indonesia, many female workers who are pregnant are also forced to continue working in the work area which poses a risk to the health and safety of themselves and their wombs. Not a few female workers who are pregnant work with poor working conditions, work in sections that use chemicals, stand all day, including there is no proper, safe and hygienic lactation room provided for female workers who are still breastfeeding. Not a few female workers who apply for maternity leave are laid off by the company or given leave but are not paid their wages by the company as I am currently experiencing.

Me and thousands of workers at PT. Beesco Indonesia, are workers who work for a company that produces shoes with the ASICS brand. And in early 2019, when the company started producing shoes for ASICS merchandise for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. We worked long hours, with poor working conditions and but then, when the Covid19 pandemic began to hit and have an impact, thousands workers were laid off by the company. on the grounds that the company suffered a loss. Even though the factory is still producing as usual.

Beesco and ASICS corporation must respect on labor rights and  responsible for fulfilling my rights, all of us the workers who produce their shoes and make a profit for them. [Karawang -@July 2021]#

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