Declaration of solidarity SI Federal Representation Colleagues of Workers PT Panarub Industry

Aksi Pimpinan Serikat PERBUPAS-GSBI PT. Panarub Industry di depan Perusahaan  Menolak PHK dan Pemotongan Upah  Declaration of solidarity SI ...

Aksi Pimpinan Serikat PERBUPAS-GSBI PT. Panarub Industry di depan Perusahaan  Menolak PHK dan Pemotongan Upah 

Declaration of solidarity SI Federal Representation colleagues of Workers PT Panarub Industry in Tangerang Indonesia

Dear colleagues of Pt Panarub in Tangerang Indonesia

with indignation we have learned about the new attacks of the company Pt Panarub on your living and working conditions. Pt Panarub, a company that produces in Tangerang near Jakarta for many years almost exclusively for the international German Adidas Group. Soccer shoes, which are produced on the backs of the tens of thousands of women who are predominantly employed there, under poor working conditions. Soccer shoes that are then sold in Adidas stores for several hundred Euros worldwide.

Already in 2012, Pt Panarub had summarily dismissed and criminalized 1300 predominantly female colleagues, because they wanted to enforce payment according to the state-established minimum wage with an independent strike. To date, they have not been compensated.

Then in 2020, with the reasoning of the corona pandemic, Pt Panarub had cut workers' wages by 50% per day for 7-15 working days, as well as annual leave to 5 working days. The loss of wages per worker was between 800.000,- to 1.300.000,- Rp (50 to about 80 Euro ). With these machinations and tricks, the already completely inadequate state-fixed minimum wage was undermined.

Now comes the next attack on the colleagues

Citing the impact of the global recession, Pt Panarub states that it currently has a surplus of 1,500 employees. On November 18, 2022, the first 400 colleagues were dismissed and further annual leave entitlements were cancelled. The dismissed workers were summoned and asked to resign themselves in order to avoid legally required termination payments.

But that's not all

Facing the exploding inflation, the trade unions are protesting against the completely inadequate increase in the government-set minimum wage announced on November 29, 2022.

Jakarta recorded an increase of only 5.6 percent to Rp 4,901,798 = approx. 300 Euros; the province of Banten and West Java, i.e. also in Tangerang, by 6.4 percent to Rp 2,661,280 = approx. 160 Euros and by 7.88 percent to Rp 1,986,670 = approx. 120 Euros respectively. These are starvation wages from which you cannot live from but mean extra profits for Pt Panarub and Adidas.

We see ourselves in Germany in special responsibility to support your protest against Adidas. Hypocritically, Adidas claims not to be responsible for these attacks, while at the same time, with its awarding of contracts, it decisively co-determines the conditions at Pt Panarub and thus shares the responsibility.

We reject this fraud and support the request and the strike and protest actions of the colleagues and their unions against Pt Panarub and the company Adidas behind it

Compensation of the 1300 workers terminated without notice in 2012 and recognition of their right to strike.

Immediate withdrawal of the 1500 layoffs that already have started.

Full compensation for the Corona pandemic wage and vacation cuts.

Full payment of the minimum wages set by the state for contract workers as well.

In addition, payment of the full inflation compensation requested by the unions.


Duisburg, 12.12.2022

In Solidarity


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